The Enabling Leader

‘The Enabling Leader’ is a way of thinking about corporate performance in the 21st Century.  It brings attention to the relationship between the organisation and the individual as a point of leverage: if this relationship is healthy both organisation and individual thrive, going a long way towards resolving the problems and issues of the 21st […]

The Genius Propositions

Genius has been understood over many years, centuries in fact, in a number of different ways. The current, prevailing understanding is still founded in what can now be seen as a fallacious argument: genes dictate what you become. No, genius is not simply a function of what you are born with but, much more significantly, […]

Just be yourself…really?

Identity has a vital function: in order to have a relationship with another I need to have a sense of who I am relating to, I need to get a handle on them. This means that, within parameters, the person who shows up day-to-day I can have some certainty about, make agreements with, make plans with. With some […]

A New Meaning for Genius

Genius, as both an idea and a word, has a long history. And one of the things that mark this history is the changing understanding of it that people, and indeed various societies, have had. I draw attention to this because I want to suggest that the current, common understanding is a real and present limitation to human performance. […]