The Coach’s Program is intended for aspiring business or executive coaches or for those at an early stage in their career. 

It is a nine-month long, part time program comprising of workshops, ‘practice’ coaching, reading and research.  The program is built from the belief that coaching is firstly a skill and that skills are developed under supervision – so all workshop are highly experiential and we maintain a six to one participant to program leader ratio

Successful participants on the program are given a ‘License to Coach’ Level 2.  This is a unique award from The School of Coaching International, which is of a higher standard than any equivalent.

Admission to the program is through an interview process to ensure that participants are of high caliber and able to play a full role in the community that develops.

The built out from the ‘Effective Coaching’ model as described in Myles Downey’s seminal book ‘Effective Coaching’ and ‘Effective Modern Coaching’ ( ‘F60,000+ copies, five languages).   The model has been developed over 30 years and draws from Gallwey’s Inner Game, Kelly’s Personal Construct Theory, Csikszentmihalyi’s ‘flow’ and Carl Rogers ‘Person Centered Approach’ with an emphasis on achieving business results.